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Amazon Legends with Nick Uresin

Welcome to Amazon Legends! This podcast will bring real life stories from Amazon sellers. You will hear from CEOs of large companies and entrepreneurs, who became power sellers. Experts specializing in helping sellers AND both former and current Amazon employees will give us an insight from behind the scenes.We will share knowledge you can take and apply to your Amazon operation right after the podcast. Whether you are just planning to sell on Amazon, or you are already a current seller, this podcast will deliver value you can monetize. You will learn the required skills and mindset how to deal with different challenges from our guests. We will share information, give you ideas on how to maximize your potential, and scale your operation by avoiding the learning curve. Whether you are the CEO of a large company, or an entrepreneur, who wants to build an empire, the path to success on Amazon is the same. It is ok, advantageous and preferable to seek advice from those who are already doing what you want to do and the kind of sales you dream to generate. No matter any setbacks you may have experienced, or how overwhelmed you feel to get going, Amazon Legends will give you the roadmap to follow for success.
I always learn something new from every episode I listen to!

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