Why Niche Podcasts Get Sponsors – Justin Moore – Creating The Greatest Show – Episode # 039

by | Apr 3, 2023 | Creating The Greatest Show, Podcast Sponsors

Get ready to learn from a Sponsorship Coach and YouTube content creator that has launched hundreds of campaigns with clients like Walmart, Hasbro, Disney, Cheetos, Tabasco, and many more. Justin Moore is the Host of Creator Debates and the Founder of Creator Wizard. Justin shares how to solve boring podcast introductions, why creators need to design shows that re-energize them, and how to negotiate sponsorships for your podcast even without a single listen.

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  • Don’t start your podcast by asking your guests to introduce themselves or tell the audience about themselves. This makes kills the energy and creates boring content, especially when the show starts with the guest giving a canned answer. 
  • By skipping the boring intro, you get into the meat of the conversation much faster which helps you deliver on your promise of value to the audience. 
  • When designing your podcast, create something that can remain inherently novel, for the audience and yourself. For example, Creator Debates features two guests debating each side of an idea that is moderated by the host, who also picks the topics.
  • Before thinking about sponsors for your podcast, determine your show’s unique selling proposition. Think about the unique value you’re bringing to your audience and think about the unique value you can bring to potential partners.
  • When negotiating with sponsors, podcasters need to consider the sponsor’s BATNA (Best Alternative To A Negotiated Agreement). For example, if the brand doesn’t choose you, where will they go next? If you’re niched down well, there won’t be a long list. 
  • When you secure a sponsorship, your role is more than just talking about a brand on your podcast. You are serving the brand to help them accomplish an internal objective.
  • You can secure sponsorships even if your show has zero downloads. Instead of pitching brands that you’ll talk about them on your podcast, point to the quality of your podcast and content and pitch that to brands as your portfolio of what you can do for them.

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Quote of the Show

“From a listener’s perspective, we’re always craving novelty.”

– Justin Moore

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