Creating Your Compelling Podcast Mission Statement

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Your podcast mission statement is the foundation of your entire show, so it’s critical to clearly define it. By understanding its purpose, you give your podcast direction and hold as a guiding light that will help you make every decision about your podcast. Once you have your podcast’s mission statement written down, you’ll know what content to create, who to invite as guests, and even how to select sponsors.

So let’s dive into the simple framework you can use to craft your podcast mission statement and start your podcast on the right foot to keep that momentum going.

“It starts with the question, what is your show’s raison d’etre? What is the reason for being? Why do you want to launch this podcast?”

– Christian Klepp

Building Your Podcast Mission Statement

The thrill of launching a podcast can be invigorating, but you need to make sure you keep the end goals in mind. here’s the question you should start with: What is the intended outcome of your podcast?

Your Podcast’s Intended Outcome

Before we discuss how to structure the mission statement of your podcast, we need to step back and look at the bigger picture. The intended outcome of your podcast is a massive factor in determining the podcast’s purpose and how you go about executing on your podcast. 

For example, if the most important goal of the podcast is to generate qualified leads and become a reliable source of revenue for your company, the way you go about designing the show and its distribution channels will be very different than a podcast with the goal of increasing brand awareness. 

“If you have started your podcast with an intentional outcome, then everything has to align to that outcome. Everything from who is it that you’re speaking to, what are you speaking to them about, and how are you intentionally actually getting them into some kind of funnel?”

– Deirdre Tshien

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The Framework for Your Podcast Mission Statement

Like everything in the business and marketing world, defining the purpose of your podcast can be made a lot simpler by using a helpful framework. The framework we’ll use for this was discussed by Joe Casabona and Casey Cheshire in Episode # 26 of Creating The Greatest Show. I’ll introduce the framework below and then we’ll dive into the specifics of each section and how to think about them.

Here’s the mad-lib-esque template that we’ll use to write out your podcast’s mission statement: “My podcast helps [Target Audience] solve [The Problem] by [Goal of Each Episode].”

Graphic showing the template formula for writing a podcast mission statement that will help podcast hosts define the purpose of their podcast, the target audience of their podcast, the format of their podcast, and the content to cover in their podcast.
The formula for writing a great podcast mission statement requires you to know three things: your target audience, their problem, and how you help them solve their problem.

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1. The Audience You Want to Help through Your Podcast

It’s crucial to be very specific when defining your podcast’s audience as this will impact the following section of the framework and every single step you take with the podcast. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, your podcast’s target audience should be a specific niche and speak to a select audience. 

Just like sales and marketing teams create content for different types of decision-makers within B2B buying committees, your podcast content’s appeal should be highly targeted. 

Does this mean that your content might turn people outside of your target group away from your podcast? Yes.

However, this also means that the people who are in the specific audience will be more attracted to your show because they know that you are catering specifically to them rather than creating something that might help them but is trying to have a broader market appeal. 

If you find that your show is not resonating with people, that’s not the end of the world and you shouldn’t feel discouraged. The freedom and variety of styles within podcasting gives you the chance to experiment and switch things like format and topic to see how you can better connect with your audience. 

Just think about the evolution of TV game shows from Hollywood Squares in the 1970s to the Steve Harvey era of Family Feud, both had the same end goal in mind, but the formats had to be tweaked to based on audience reception.

Further in the podcast launch process your understanding of the specified target audience will be vital in creating the language, imagery, and style of your podcast so that members of that specific audience can easily identify and relate with it.

“Podcasting is bar none, one of the best ways to get people to know, like, and trust you”

– Joe Casabona

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2. Your Podcast Should Help Your Target Audience Solve Their Problem

What are the common problems faced by your target audience and which of them can you help them solve each and every episode? That’s a tough question and a good answer requires you to have a great understanding of the goals, aspirations, and roadblocks of the people you’re targeting. 

Be specific about the problem that your podcast will help your target audience solve. This is another great way to segment your audience and will help make sure you’re reaching the people who actually have that specific problem and need help with it. 

While you don’t necessarily need to have the answer yourself, being able to identify and name the problem that you and or your audience is coping with is very important because now you can begin to explore solutions to that problem, which we’ll explore more in the next section.

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Ready To Write Your Podcast's Mission?

3. How To Help Your Target Audience Solve Their Problem with Each Podcast Episode

The goal of each episode should be to present your audience with a solution to the specific problem they are facing. This goal is crucial for informing your guest outreach, solo episodes, podcast trailer, bonus episodes of your podcast, and even how your episode is produced and repurposed.

As eluded to above, you don’t need to be the world’s foremost authority on how to solve your audience’s problem, however, the path to your podcast’s ROI is a lot more clear when you are able to provide a solution for this problem faced by your audience. 

Let’s just say that hypothetically, you don’t know the solution and you are facing the same problem as your target audience, a great way to both educate yourself and help other overcome the obstacle is to interview subject matter experts to learn about the solutions they suggest. Furthermore, because you are dealing with the same stumbling blocks as your audience, your going to be asking the very questions your audience is dying to know the answers to, leading to your content having even great value for your audience.

For another example, let’s say you are a subject matter expert with a solo podcast. The way you script, record, edit your podcast should be focused on imparting a lesson to your audience in each of your episodes. 

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Three Podcast Mission Statement Examples

  1. B2B Marketers on a Mission – Christian Klepp – Einbleck
  2. Finding Focus – Melissa Moody – Gated
  3. The HR Impact Show – Dr. Jim Kanichirayil – EngageRocket

Even with that framework, it can still be hard to fully realize what your podcast mission statement will look like in practice. Because of that, I’ve compiled examples of three great podcasts that set out with a particular goal in mind and have not lost sight of that through launching their podcast. 

1. B2B Marketers on a Mission – Christian Klepp – Einbleck

The Description of Christian’s Podcast:

This show aims to serve marketers and digital entrepreneurs in B2B industries, and provide them with an opportunity to listen to quality content that will motivate them to succeed as well as strategically pivot their businesses.

The Purpose Christian’s Podcast:

Christian’s podcast helps Marketers/Marketing teams become seen as a revenue generating part of their B2B organizations by interviewing top-level marketing experts that have accomplished this feat.

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2. Finding Focus – Melissa Moody – Gated

Melissa’s Podcast Description:

Finding Focus is a series of short, actionable conversations that uncover why and how people focus in today’s increasingly distracted world. Pull up a chair as we examine the obstacles, the a-ha moments, and the strategies that each unique guest uses to find focus. Hosted by Gated Co-Founder & CMO Melissa Moody.

The Mission of the Finding Focus Podcast:

Melissa’s podcast with Gated helps stressed out B2B marketers with too much on their plate find ways to focus on the the biggest priorities by exploring how business leaders are able to accomplish things in a noisy world.

“By having a clear why, it changes what I do with the podcast and how I use the podcast and frankly, how I sell the podcast to leadership.”

– Melissa Moody

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3. The HR Impact Show – Dr. Jim Kanichirayil – EngageRocket

Show Description For Dr. Jim’s Podcast:

If you’re part of a busy HR team, doing more with less is the mandate you’ve been operating under for years. What was already a difficult task has become even more challenging with remote and hybrid teams, economic uncertainty, drastic swings in the employee landscape, and the pervasive mindset that HR isn’t your friend.

How do you make a meaningful impact in the face of all of these headwinds?

How can you overcome the day to day challenges you and your team faces and get on the path to building an elite organization?

This podcast is designed for busy HR leaders and professionals who are supporting small to mid-sized organizations. We know doing more with less is your reality.

We want to help by bringing you bite sized, actionable steps to help you empower your managers, engage your employees, and build elite organizations. Each week we will share our best frameworks as well as periodic interviews with some of the best HR practitioners in North America.

If you’re ready to shift from HR survival mode to HR thrive mode then hit follow and take a listen.

The Goal of the Podcast for Jim & EngageRocket:

Dr. Jim’s podcast helps HR professionals in high-growth companies make a lasting impact on the organizational health and the long-term trajectory of the company by by sharing helpful frameworks, bite-sized next steps, and spotlighting HR experts.

“The why behind your show has to inform your interest and also how you spotlight your guests.”

– Dr. Jim Kanichirayil

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In conclusion, launching a podcast for your brand can be a game-changer. It’s an innovative way to connect with your audience, solve their problems, and position your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Just as these successful podcasts have shown, having a clear mission statement is key. Understanding your target audience, the problems they’re grappling with, and offering well-researched solutions can set your podcast up for success. Remember, your podcast serves not just as a platform for entertainment, but as a value-packed resource for your audience. This journey might be challenging, but as you take the plunge and tune your frequencies to your audience’s needs, the rewards are immensely gratifying. So, gear up, turn on the mic, and let your brand’s voice resonate through the captivating world of podcasts!

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